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NEW! Now running on the AFC3000 Platform! 

Now you can use fieldbus I/O interfaces, connect multi-spindle configurations, internally sequence the tools and much more!


For low torque applications less than 2.4nm (21.2inlbs), the embedded torque transducer allows closed loop control of the fastening process, resulting in highly accurate fastening for your low torque assembly applications.  Do not rely on springs, clutches or current feedback when your application requires assurance that torque was applied to the fastener.  Now available with two tool torque options; 0.8Nm and 2.4Nm capacity.



  • High Speed, single-cable tool up to 1660 RPM allow for reduced cycle time; ideal for robot or 'flexing' applications
  • On-the-fly parameter selection allows multiple models to be run using different torque/angle targets
  • Self-tapping screw fastening algorithm and screw breakage detection
  • All parameters backed up in ‘flash’ memory ensuring no loss of setup data and no batteries to replace


  • Torque/angle fastening methods can be programmed in up to 32 selectable Sequence / parameters or programs
  • Adjustable forward/reverse speed setting
  • 'No Cost' AFC3000 software allows easy setup, monitoring and fastening data storage to a PC
  • CW or CCW operation allows fastening in any direction
  • Optional Vacuum Heads designed for your individual screws can be fit to the front end of the tool to allow easy pick-up from screw presenters.  (Tool includes internal vacuum port which you connect to your vacuum supply)


  • Built-in torque transducer provides closed loop feedback of dynamic fastening torque (not relying on springs, clutches or motor current for an 'assumed' torque)
  • High speed resolver-based permanent magnet motor for high precision and durability
  • Four separate speed settings can be set allowing precise speed control for high-accuracy fastening
  • Intelligent Tool ID ensures proper tool and accuracy
  • 4 digit display resolution


  • Reduces energy, noise, heat, maintenance and space requirements over non-electric systems
  • Low-energy consumption due to digital motor control
  • Small, compact size saves plant floor space
  • Lightweight tool reduces energy required to move or mount in automation



Low-torque assembly applications requiring torque controlled fastening with data reporting for quality traceability including but not limited to: instrument clusters, gauges, radios, sensors, CPUs, alternators, electric power steering systems, instrumentation controllers, actuators, HVAC systems.


Electronic assembly applications requiring high accuracy, low torque fastening with data reporting for quality traceability including but not limited to: circuit board assembly, motherboard installation, power supplies, LCD TVs and monitors, electronic toys, game controllers, modems, phones, CATV controllers, audio/visual equipment, home appliances.


Medical industry assembly applications that require closed loop torque transducer feedback and data reporting capabilities including but not limited to: medical instrumentation and electronic controls, device torque test applications, valve assemblies, plastic medical devices.