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The AFC3000 controller allows full fastening parameter setup and control of the complete fastening process internal to the controller.  Simply set up the fastening parameters, use the Input/Output signals to start the fastening process and the system handles the complete fastening process.  Three controller models cover the full range of AFC3000 tool sizes. 

As a result of circuit miniaturization reducing the overall size, the back panel mounted controllers save valuable plant floor space and safely allow all electrical connections to be contained within the electrical enclosure.


  • Torque Control / Monitor, Angle Control / Monitor, Torque Rate Monitoring, 1,2,3 Step Fastening
  • Fully Digital System reduces power consumption
  • Reduced Set-up time - The addition of the Multi control (for multiple spindles) into each controller eliminates the need for a "MULTI" controller.  Controllers  can be set as a "Master" or "Slave" - Easily configured using "no cost" AFC3000 User Console Software.
  • Simplified wiring - In a multiple spindle configuration, the Master Unit assumes control of the control signals - no need to wire I/O to each spindle.
  • Automatic tool identification system to confirm correct tool operation
  • External Control interfaces (Fieldbus) - By using the Fieldbus expansion unit, a variety of Fieldbus I/O interfaces are available to interface to the controlling PLC. (Devicenet, Ethernet I/P, Profibus, CCLink, Profinet and more)
  • On-Board Fastening cycle data and torque/angle curve storage
  • Fastening data storage to Compact Flash (Optional)
  • High Speed communication with connected spindles and Host PC - more than 250 times faster than previous series
  • Separated 3 phase motor power and 24Vdc control power provided for connection to safety circuits
  • Reduced size - Controllers have a smaller footprint than previous series
  • Updated Display Unit with 2 rows of 6 digits
  • Higher speed / smaller tool lineup

MFC with fieldbushead secure enclosure

Space saving design saves valuble floor space! - 78" x 18" footprint (46 spindles)